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Spare Part Preservation

Spare Part Preservation The Presserv Group is a global leader in preservation services across the energy sector.  We specialize in developing preservation programs for Greenfield and Brownfield projects across the globe. Preservation teams from the Presserv Group are deployed worldwide including preservation managers, preservation supervisors and technicians as well as…

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Covering Covering equipment to preserve integrity and prevent damage. An important aspect of preservation is the protection of equipment in relation to damage from work carried out in adjacent areas, e.g. sand blasting, grinding, welding etc. For protection, a wide range of various coverings are offered, in both standard sizes…

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Absorbents attract humidity and are necessary to help preserve the integrity of your equipment. Even when wrapped up, products are surrounded by air. Absorbents like silica gel or Super Dry attracts humidity within the wrapping, consequently preventing corrosion or humidity damage. Metal corrosion can generally be avoided by keeping the…

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Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) / Cortec®

Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) / Cortec® The Presserv Group and its companies have, since their establishment, worked closely with Cortec Corporation USA. Cortec® is a world leader in research, development, and manufacturing of vapor corrosion inhibitors. Cortec® also operates an ISO 17025 certified corrosion testing laboratory. Together,…

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Visco Elastic Coating / STOPAQ

Visco Elastic Coating / STOPAQ® A broad range of innovative and patented products with unique, fluid-like properties. STOPAQ systems protect against the ingress of water, oxygen and bacteria, and are the most environmentally friendly corrosion prevention systems in the world. Piping & Structures…

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