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At Presserv we work to preserve and protect your assets, prolonging the useful life of existing steel structures and pipes. We contribute to protecting people and planet, by using corrosion protection products that significantly reduce negative impact on the environment.

As the world shifts to more sustainable energy sources such as wind turbines, there is an increased demand for eco-friendly anti-corrosion products and transparency on their impact. We enable our clients to preserve assets with a significantly lower impact.

The 2022 Sustainability Report, delivered by ESG & Sustainability consulting firm MJ Hudson, proves how preservation can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of your project or business.

Key findings:
By replacing traditional blast & paint with STOPAQ*, will reduce waste treatment for our clients by >99% per m2 treated area.

The carbon footprint is reduced up to 95% per m2 treated area.

*STOPAQ is a green visco-elastic solution to protect assets from corrosion and water ingress that provides significant environmental and safety benefits.

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