Asset Protection / Stacking

Reduce cost and increase asset lifecycle with correct rig stacking

Reducing cost and increasing asset lifecycle is critical to identify the appropriate preservation strategy for asset/rig stacking.

Asset owners, including operators, drilling contractors, vessel owners, OEM’s and onshore processing facilities are preparing for unplanned rig stacking, asset stacking and extended shutdowns. This may include repositioning for different assets to other global locations, scrapping older tonnage, or warm/cold rig stacking.

Proper preservation before and during layup reduces corrosion and enables faster startups. Most of Presserv’s methods can be applied at “in-use” operations, are easy to apply and do not require removal prior to use.

Presserv is regarded as the leading technical authority for asset stacking. We can ensure economical and environmentally friendly preservation tailored to meet your needs and requirements around the globe.