Piping & Structures

Presserv offers a number of products and systems with a variety of functional coatings that may be utilized in civil works and infrastructural applications.

Presserv’s products can be tailored to meet the requirements for your project. The Presserv systems are developed for a myriad of applications; from jetty piles, bridges, tunnels, roads, railways and electrical and telecommunication systems.

Protect against corrosion and reduce waste, HSE risk while prolonging lifetime of equipment

Water and air will find its way through various layers of coating due to movements, hardening of sealants and damages to shielding.

The re-establishment of a paint system under insulation is a high-cost operation; removal of insulation, surface preparation, sandblasting and paint x 4 layers. Extending the interval length of when this process is needed, is key. As is the reduction in time spent for the surface preparation operation.

The STOPAQ  system can be put under insulation, on pipes, welds, and on structure. It eliminates water and oxygen intrusion and hence avoids contact with the steel surface, wherever the water and air come from.

By applying STOPAQ  wrapping on your new-build asset or as a maintenance system, STOPAQ  will most likely surpass as protection system beyond the lifetime of the asset. The design lifetime is over 30 years.


Correction Protection System Surface Treatment Requirements Lifetime 20 year + Safety and Environmental Impact Chemical Exposure / VOC
Epoxy/Liquid Coating SA 2 (ISO8501)
Metallization SA 2 (ISO8501)
STOPAQ Wrappingband ST 2 (ISO8501) 30 year + 99 % less waste / 91% less CO2



Surface prep ST2 (mechanical hand tool, wire brush acc. ISO 8501) vs. SA2 (garnet blasting) makes a huge impact in time savings, waste and safety. No dust, VOC or noise.

Application of the STOPAQ System is manual, hence no garnet blasting,  primer or pre-heating is required. STOPAQ  can be applied on all metal alloys, cured liquid coating, PP, PE, nylons and various rubber types.

STOPAQ  can easily be applied at in-service pipelines, up to 1200C, with no risk of under creep, osmosis, cracking or bridging. No need to shut down operations; a huge cost saving potential.

The STOPAQ  series portfolio includes solutions for above ground, below ground, under water applied, condensing lines and complex structure geometry. With STOPAQ  as the preferred corrosion protection system, your operator will work without additional HSE risk and the reduction of waste compared to blast and paint is nearly 99%.The CO2 emission reduction is estimated to 91%, compared to blast and paint solutions.

STOPAQ  Piping And Structure


In projects, the most recognized benefit of STOPAQ  as a corrosion preventing system is the efficiency of application. No need for garnet blasting and primer makes it a safe work operation for operators. No dust, no VOC and no noise.

Surface prep ST2 (mechanical hand tool, wire bruks acc. ISO 8501) vs. SA2 (garnet blasting) makes a huge impact in time savings, waste and safety. NO: dust, VOC or noise, no need of anchor pattern.

Application of STOPAQ  is manual- no garnt blasting, no primer or pre-heating is required. STOPAQ  can be applied on all metal alloys, cured liquid coating, TSA, PP, PE, nylons and various rubbertypes. With over 30 years product lifetime, STOPAQ is a preferred LCC solution for asset owners.

STOPAQ  is an established product for the mitigation of external corrosion in carbon steel equipment. There are several ongoing projects on stainless steel equipment to address pitting corrosion using STOPAQ .

External pitting corrosion has been a long-standing issue for stainless steel pressure equipment systems on many offshore facilities. Experience has shown that this pitting cannot be effectively mananged by inspection and, as a result, the current policy is that piping replacement should be planned once the presence of significant pitting corrosion has been identified.

STOPAQ  is challenging the old established theories regarding the mechanism of pitting in stainless steel. Test programs and experience shows that elimination of moisture and oxygen from the pits, by the application of an impervious layer like STOPAQ  it will stifle the corrosion reaction and arrest the pitting permanent.

Ease in application is shown in the possibility to apply STOPAQ  at in-service lines up to 1200C and condensing pipelines. No need to shutdown thereby offering  substantial cost saving potential.

Besides an ordinary surface for corrosion prevention, the STOPAQ  product portfolio includes product and solutions that can be applied under water.


STOPAQ  is most recognized for its use with piping systems. STOPAQ  Basecoat and STOPAQ  EZ are products designed for application on complex structure geometry.

Clients often comment  that these corrosion protection products are as easy as wallpaper to use. Clean, cut and apply is the easy and long lasting set up. Adjustment is made using scissors.

STOPAQ Basecoat and STOPAQ EZ are produced with a top layer of visible mesh. The mesh is in place to ensure bonding between the STOPAQ  product and mandatory topcoat. Topcoats can be 2-component coatings like polysiloxanes, epoxies or polyurethanes, or 1-component coatings like waterborne acrylics. The topcoat ensures UV protection and desired color at surface.

By choosing STOPAQ  as a corrosion protection system, your operator will mitigate risk and reduce waste compared to blast and paint by nearly 99%.

The CO2 emission reduction is estimated to 91%.

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