Piping & Structures

Protect against corrosion, reduce waste and better manage HSE risks while prolonging the lifetime of equipment or assets.

STOPAQ® is most recognized for its use with piping systems. STOPAQ® Basecoat and STOPAQ® EZ are products designed for application on complex structure geometry.


STOPAQ® can be applied on:

  • all metal alloys
  • cured liquid coatings
  • PP
  • PE
  • nylons
  • various rubber types

With over 30 years product lifetime, STOPAQ® is a preferred LCC solution for asset owners.

Superior waste, cost and CO2 reductions – all in one product

By choosing STOPAQ® as a corrosion protection system, your operator will mitigate risk and reduce waste compared to blast and paint by nearly 99%.
STOPAQ® can easily be applied on in-service pipelines, up to 120°C, with no risk of under creep, osmosis, cracking or bridging. STOPAQ® there is need to shut down operations to do maintenance- a huge cost savings.

The CO2 emission reduction using STOPAQ® per m2 when compared to blast and paint is up to 95%.

You can read more about this on page 10 in our Sustainability Report , delivered by ESG & Sustainability consulting firm MJ Hudson.

No Dust, VOC or Noise Application Process

No dust, VOC, noise, or need for anchor pattern pertains to STOPAQ®. The application of the STOPAQ® system is manual, hence no garnet blasting, primer or pre-heating is required. Surface prep ST2 (mechanical hand tool, wire bruks acc. ISO 8501) vs. SA2 (garnet blasting) makes a huge impact in time savings, waste and safety.

Clients often comment that the STOPAQ® corrosion protection system is as easy to use as wallpaper. STOPAQ® is user friendly and lasts at least 30 years. To apply, clean application surface, cut STOPAQ® to size and apply to the desired surface. Adjustments can be made using scissors.

STOPAQ® Basecoat and STOPAQ® EZ are produced with a top layer of visible mesh. The mesh is in place to ensure bonding between the STOPAQ® product and mandatory topcoat.

Topcoats can be 2-component coatings like polysiloxanes, epoxies or polyurethanes, or 1-component coatings like waterborne acrylics. The topcoat ensures UV protection and desired color at surface.

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