Environmentally Responsible Solutions

Cortec Corporation has spent decades of research dedicated to environmentally responsible corrosion control products. Cortec products are a response to hazardous and oil-based corrosion inhibitors.

Throughout its range of corrosion inhibitors, Cortec Corporation offers a variety of more sustainable, bio-based, and more environmentally responsible products. Be on the look out for a variety of bio-based and environmentally responsible products from Cortec, including the EcoLine®-brand bio-based products and EcoAir® propellant-free spray can technology.

Featured Products:

EcoLine® ELP Bio-based, high performance, multi-use lubricant and penetrant Download PDF

EcoLine® Biobased Grease Vegetable oil-based, all-purpose lubricating grease Download PDF

EcoLine® 3690 Bio-based oily removable coating Download PDF

EcoLine® 4320 Bio-based paint stripper free of methylene chloride, NMP, toluene, acetone, and similar solvents Download PDF

VpCI®-126 Blue corrosion inhibitor film is fully recyclable with other LDPE films – ask about Cortec’s film recycling program! Download PDF

VpCI®-146 Corrosion inhibitor paper is fully recyclable with other paper products Download PDF

VpCI®-422 Bio-based, citric acid rust remover liquid, also available in gel form (VpCI®-423) Download PDF