Strategic Preservation Management

Our personnel have widespread experience from preservation, corrosion protection and project management, the heart and soul of what we do. We offer a broad view of how preservation can impact your daily operations, your financial well-being, and your safety. We allow you to create positive change in your organization with technically-accurate, verifiable results.

• Spending more than you need to on preservation
• Guessing about the condition of your assets
• Relying on transit protection for long-term storage

Be more:
• Agile
• Lean
• Responsive
• Profitable

• Proof of care
• Detailed conditioning documents
• Risk profile of your stored materials
• Support when and how you need it

Ensure the “Preservation Manager” have the right authority to carry out his scope and deliveries.Ensure the offshore preservation team are included with and managed through the offshore RFO Maintenance Team leader

RFO Delivery Manager, BP Valhall PH Project