Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) / Cortec®

The Presserv Group and its companies have, since their establishment, worked closely with Cortec Corporation USA.

Cortec® is a world leader in research, development, and manufacturing of vapor corrosion inhibitors. Cortec® also operates an ISO 17025 certified corrosion testing laboratory. Together, the companies have developed new solutions, products, and methods for preservation and corrosion protection. VpCI® is Cortec Corporation’s unique brand of corrosion inhibitors that come in many different forms and offer protection in many different systems.

VpCI® Technology

Corrosion inhibitors stop corrosion by forming a protective barrier on the metal surface that disrupts the corrosion reaction. Corrosion inhibitors form a molecular layer on the metal surface which prevents water and oxygen from interacting with the metal and forming corrosion. VpCI® inhibitors can provide either contact-phase corrosion protection – where a corrosion inhibitor is applied directly to the metal, or vapor-phase corrosion protection – where corrosion inhibitors travel through the air to protect metal surfaces through an enclosure.

Benefits of using VpCI® technology include:

  • Specialized products for every application
  • Environmentally responsible products
  • Minimal effect on systems and processes
  • Wide compatibility with multiple metal types
  • Wide compatibility with elastomers and non-metallics

Cortec® Solutions