Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) / Cortec®

Presserv has since the establishment worked closely with Cortec Corporation USA.
Cortec® is a world leader in research, development and manufacturing of vapor corrosion inhibitors. Cortec® is also approved as a third-party testing laboratory in corrosion. Together, the companies have developed new solutions, products and methods for preservation and corrosion protection.  Through Presserv solid expertise and Cortec® R & D department, we offer our customers a complete corrosion control system.

VpCI Technology
Vapor phase inhibitor stops corrosion by generating protective molecules (ions) having an affinity to metal. When metal contact condenses VpCI molecules to form a water repellent monomolecular layer on the metal surface. This layer stops the flow between the cathode and anode (electrolyte). Molecules (ions) have both positive and negative charge. The protective layer is maintained / repaired continuously by condensing steam.

Benefits of using vapor phase inhibitor (VpCI) technology are numerous:
• Easy to apply
• Penetrates and protects all metal surfaces
• Self-repairing
• Short-and long-term protection
• Environmental
• Multi Metal protection
• No adverse effect on other materials
• Minimal cleaning required

Cortec® Solutions