Water Treatment

Protection from corrosion for boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers and steam condensate lines.

Cortec® VpCI Water Treatments provide continuous protection from corrosion. Boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers and steam condensate lines need water Treatments to prevent the harmful effects caused by fresh and salt water, brine, and various dissolved halogens. Water Treatments keep your system free from pitting, aggressive scaling and oxygen corrosion. They prevent costly damages and reduce maintenance time. With VpCIs you will be able to extend life to your equipment.

Featured products for:

Hydro Testing:

  • VpCI-609 soluble powder for wet or dry corrosion protection Download PDF
  • VpCI-641 water-based rust protector for use during testing Download PDF


  • M-640 water and ethylene glycol-based coolant. Download PDF

Brine/salt/fresh water:

  • VpCI-644 additive for water with salt content. Download PDF
  • VpCI-645 environmentally friendly and biodegradable concentrate. Download PDF

Fire water additives:

Boiler Lizard: