Trusted Global Data Tracking Solutions

Elevate Your Corrosion Prevention Strategy

In the fast-evolving world of corrosion protection and preservation, data is the key to success. Trusted Global wireless data trackers offer the most robust IoT data recorders and cutting-edge software solutions tailored to your industry-specific corrosion protection needs.

Precise Humidity Monitoring

Track relative humidity levels to detect condensation or corrosion.

Corrosion thrives in moisture-laden environments. Trusted Global’s advanced tracking devices are equipped with high-precision relative humidity sensors. They can be strategically placed to ensure safe conditions in critical areas, eliminating the guesswork associated with manual inspections. As humidity levels are remotely monitored and data transmitted through mobile networks, you gain real-time insights into the moisture levels that could jeopardize your assets. This data then becomes available in their online portal and via smartphone.

Trusted Global’s robust devices not only monitor humidity but also track shock angles accurately. This ensures that you’re immediately alerted to any deviations from safe parameters.

For preservation purposes, the device can be used to monitor relative humidity (RH) in control rooms during the construction phase, to monitor warehouse conditions for sensitive equipment or for monitoring that the dehumidification system is operative during stacking periods.

Position, Shock and Tilt Tracking for Protection

Get a full overview, locate anything or recover what is lost. Monitor shock levels to document safe transport of sensitive freight. Asset owners gain unprecedented insights into shipments, thanks to our precise data on position, shock and tilt. Inappropriate shock levels can lead to mechanical damage.

Unparalleled Data Insights

Whether you’re in energy, construction, logistics or any other industry, Trusted Global’s wireless IoT devices monitor assets across the globe. The data they gather is seamlessly integrated into their online portal, offering a comprehensive view of your business, accessible on both desktop and smartphone.

Your success is our primary goal. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have revolutionized their corrosion prevention strategies with Trusted Global wireless data trackers. Embrace the power of data, innovation, and unmatched expertise in the corrosion protection and preservation industry.