Trusted Global Data Tracking Solutions

More data, more knowledge. Better data, better decisions.

The most robust wireless IoT data recorders in the world. Data loggers made for industry. Simple, yet impressively advanced.

Data tracking in construction and logistics. Monitor assets wherever they travel. Analyze, optimize and recover with robust IoT hardware an online data portal. Your business. Visualized in data. On desktop and smartphone.

In combination with an intelligent software solution, Trusted provides insights that help solve business challenges related to humidity, shock, geo positioning, utilization and more.

Many industries, one solution!

The Trusted tracking solution is tailor-made for industry. Customers in logistics, construction, wind power, rail, rental, and theft protection have all found us as the solution to their tracking and data logging needs.

This is because we know your industry and can help address your business challenges. Our specialists can customize tracking solutions to suit exactly your needs.

At our core is our tough, durable tracking device with long battery life. Easy to install on assets and machinery, it fuels our software solution with data displayed in graphs, lists, and on maps ready for analysis and export.

Your success is our goal!

Our customers in theft protection report of recovery rates of more than 90 percent of stolen assets.

Construction site managers are in control of the utilization of machinery and can react instantly if valued assets are removed from sites outside specified hours.

Logistics managers in transport industries and sectors like wind energy never lose track of shipments, by following their cargo to an almost unheard degree of detail with data like position, shock, tilt and temperature.