Temporary coatings for protection of equipment during in-plant processing, shipment, or storage.

Cortec® temporary coatings come off as easily as they go on and last for years when necessary. The temporary coatings provide protection during in-plant processing, shipment, or storage.

The coatings offer the same performance/environmental standards as permanent applications and are easily removed with our or any environmentally safe cleaner. In many situations they do not need to be removed at all.

With environmentally safe VpCI® technology, your equipment and products will be effectively protected against humidity, saltwater, and oxidizing atmospheres as well as corrosive industrial, marine, and tropical environments.

Featured Products:
CorShield VpCI Strippable coating removed without chemicals download pdf
• VpCI CorrVerter Penetrates rust and prevents further rusting download pdf
• VpCI-368 Oil-based wax coating download pdf
• VpCI-369 Oil-based lubricating temporary coating download pdf
• VpCI-386 Waterbased primer / topcoat download pdf
• VpCI -389 Waterbased temporary coating for corrosive environments download pdf
• VpCI-391 Non-tacky temporary coating download pdf

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