Removable Coatings

Cortec removable coatings are designed to provide protection during in plant processing, shipment, and/or storage. These coatings may be removed as easily as they are applied and can last for extended periods in the harshest conditions.

Removable coatings with VpCI® are most effective in applications where robust corrosion protection is needed with the ability or option to remove the protection before or during operation. In many circumstances, these coatings do not need to be removed.

Permanent Coatings

Traditional coatings or paints also incorporated with VpCI® technology to provide lasting benefits to the structures and surfaces they protect. Cortec VpCI® technology helps prevent corrosion from forming beneath coatings and provide better protection against spreading or “creeping” corrosion.

VpCI® technology can be incorporated into a variety of permanent coatings and coating systems for every need, including primers, water-based acrylics, epoxies, urethanes, and much more.

Featured Products:

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VpCI®-391 Water-based removable coating Download PDF

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