PipeProteq Pipe Protection Solutions

Protect Your Pipes Efficiently and Sustainably

Welcome to PipeProteq® – where efficiency meets innovation in safeguarding your pipes. These protectors are more than a shield; they are the quick, user friendly, secure, and comprehensive protection that your equipment deserves.

Why PipeProteq® Stands Out

Our protectors employ an ingenious push mechanism, ensuring a snug fit that meets API 5CT specifications with excellent results on vibration, impact, and saltwater spray testing. Rigorously tested for leakage from both inside and out, they guarantee zero leakage even on cut-off connections.

Nearly All Pipe Connections

The patented clamping technology used in PipeProteq® allows users to safeguard nearly all pipe connections, including non-threaded ones like cutoff pipes. From dope to dopeless connections, PipeProteq® simplifies the safeguarding process, emphasizing usability and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Safety At Its Core

With a “no-touch” application design, PipeProteq® ensures a swift and secure application, prioritizing both equipment and personnel safety.

Sustainability Matters

Each PipeProteq® product is engineered for longevity, effectively minimizing its carbon footprint. Their reusability is at the forefront, allowing each protector to be utilized hundreds of times, if not more, maximizing their lifespan.

Used In Many Settings and Across Many Industries

PipeProteq® is used in many settings and across several industries including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • During transportation
  • During storage
  • Mills
  • Workshops

Addressing Your Plug and Abandonment (P & A) Concerns

We understand the challenges arising from radioactive residues post drilling and production processes due to the use of radioactive materials in well logging tools and equipment. PipeProteq® steps in as the solution to prevent potential issues, ensuring the safety and longevity of your equipment.

A Model for Every Need

Box Protector
The box protector is a 100% recyclable PP/PE protector which covers numerous connections with one product.

Pin With Handle
The pin protector with handle is weight dependent but covers almost all connections for a specific diameter with one product, thus reducing SKU enormously.

Pin Without Handle
The handle less protector is a weight independent.

Make PipeProteq® Your Choice

Experience the assurance of quality, innovation, and sustainability with PipeProteq®. Safeguard your investments and enhance operational efficiency.

Contact us today to discover how PipeProteq® can revolutionize your pipeline protection needs.