Electrical & Instrumentation

Protect electronic equipment against corrosion by using VpCl® Emitters and electrical sprays.

Corrosion of complex electrical and electronic equipment is a problem that can cause serious and expensive failures. Corrosion can occur during manufacturing, shipping, storage, and field operations.

With Cortec® Emitting Systems, sensitive equipment is protected against corrosion, thereby extending its life, and reducing the cost of expensive repairs.

How VpCI® Emitters protect your equipment.

Emitters are designed to protect products, components, or parts against corrosion when enclosed in non-ventilated housings, control boxes or other enclosures. VpCI® Emitters release a vapor phase corrosion inhibitor into the interior of the package, the corrosion inhibitor interacts with metal surfaces and forms a protective molecular layer.

Featured Products:

  • VpCI®-101 foam Emitter for volumes up to 28 liters (1 cubic foot) Download PDF
  • VpCI®-105 Plastic Emitter for volumes up to 140 liters (5 cubic feet) Download PDF
  • VpCI®-111 Plastic Emitter for volumes up to 310 liters (11 cubic feet) Download PDF
  • VpCI®-308 Pouch for volumes up 1 cubic meter (35 cubic feet) Download PDF
  • ElectriCorr® VpCI-238 Multi-Metal Cleaner / spray protection Download PDF
  • ElectriCorr® VpCI®-239 Protective Spray Download PDF