Electrical & Instrumentation

Protect electronic equipment against corrosion by using VpCl-Emitters.

Corrosion of complex electrical and electronic equipment is an increasingly serious problem causing expensive failures. Corrosion occurs during manufacturing, shipping, storage, and field operations.

With Cortec® Emitting Systems, sensitive equipment is protected against corrosion, thereby extending its life and reducing the cost of expensive repairs.

How VpCI® Emitters protect your equipment.
Emitters and tapes are designed to protect products, components, or parts against corrosion when enclosed in non-ventilated housings, control boxes or other enclosures. The VpCI® Emitter releases a vapor into the interior of the package, the vapor then deposits on the metal surfaces and forms a protective molecular layer.

This layer of VpCI® provides multimetal protection and helps reduce corrosion in the enclosure. For ventilated cabinets, boxes, enclosures etc. use VpCI® electrostatic spray.

Featured Products:
• VpCI-101 foam Emitter for volumes up to 28 l.  pdf
• VpCI-105 Plastic Emitter for volumes up to 140 l. pdf
• VpCI-111 Plastic Emitter for volumes up to 310 l. pdf
• VpCI-150 and VpCI-170 foam tape. pdf
• ElectriCorr VpCI-239 Multi-Metal Cleaner / spray protection. pdf

There are a number of different VpCI® plastic film products for packaging of various types of electronic equipment.

Please contact us and let us find the right product for your needs.