What is Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors technology (VpCI®)?

VpCI® technology is an innovative, environmentally safe, cost-effective option for corrosion protection produced by the Cortec Corporation and sold by Presserv. VpCI® is Cortec Corporation’s unique brand of corrosion inhibitors that come in many different forms and offer corrosion protection in many different systems and industries.

How is VpCI® similar to VCI technology?

“Volatile corrosion inhibitor” or “vapor corrosion inhibitor,” also known as VCI, is the generic term for Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors. VpCI® is the proprietary brand name for VCIs and is wholly owned by Cortec Corporation. VpCI® has been trademarked so that customers know that if they use VpCI® products, they are using premium VCI products of the highest quality.

How does VpCI® technology work?

VpCI® technology protects with a thin, mono-molecular protective barrier. VpCI® vapors are invisible to the naked eye but are effective enough to interfere with the electrochemical reactions that normally cause metal to rust in the presence of oxygen, moisture, and chlorides.

The below video offers a more interactive understanding of VpCI® technology in action.

What are the benefits of using VpCI® technology?

  • Specialized products for every application
  • Environmentally responsible products
  • Minimal effect on systems and processes
  • Wide compatibility with multiple metal types
  • Wide compatibility with elastomers and non-metallics

What are available formulations of VpCI® Technology?

VpCI® technology is available in the following formulations:

  • Permanent Paints
  • Soft and Hard Coatings
  • Thin Film Inhibitors
  • Stabilizers
  • CP Mitigation Engineering
  • Idle Asset Preservation
  • Packaging and Shrouds
  • CUI and TOTL Inhibitors
  • Additives
  • Powders
  • Float Coats
  • Fogs & Void Space
  • Packaging
  • Absorption & Scavenging
  • Hydrotesting

How environmentally friendly is VpCI® technology?

VpCI® based products are thought to be some of the most environmentally responsible products in the field of corrosion protection. This is also true for other Cortec products too.

There are a wide variety of specialty products, primarily for rust prevention, that are biobased and/or biodegradable to increase the environmental responsibility of the user. This includes the EcoLine®-brand bio-based products, EcoAir® propellant-free spray can technology as well as the EcoWorks and EcoFilm product lines.

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How can controlling corrosion support my company’s ESG goals?

Iron and steel production is carbon-intensive and a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. From a climate-change perspective, it is therefore important that we prolong the useful life of existing steel structures, i.e. ships, infrastructure or buildings, with the least possible negative impact on the environment.

By using VpCI® technology, assets are protected against corrosion, thereby extending their lifespan, and reducing the impact of the overall material asset on the environment. Extending the lifetime of material assets is good for business and good for the globe.

Read more about how we work to preserve and protect your material assets, prolonging the useful life of existing steel structures and pipes in our latest sustainability report.

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