Presserv Adds PipeProteq to Product Offering

Presserv proudly expands its product line with the addition of PipeProteq®, a revolutionary pipe protection solution that embodies efficiency and innovation.

These protectors go beyond the ordinary, offering swift, user-friendly, and secure safeguarding for your pipes, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your valuable equipment.

Utilizing an ingenious push mechanism, PipeProteq® conforms to API 5CT specifications, excelling in rigorous vibration, impact, and saltwater spray tests. Rigorously tested for leakage both internally and externally, these protectors guarantee zero leaks, even on cut-off connections, ensuring resilient performance in diverse conditions.

The patented clamping technology integrated into PipeProteq® enables the protection of various pipe connections, including non-threaded options such as cutoff pipes. From traditional dope connections to innovative dopeless ones, PipeProteq® simplifies the safeguarding process while prioritizing usability and total cost of ownership (TCO).

See for yourself how quick, user friendly, secure, and comprehensive PipeProteq® can be for your pipes.

Contact us today to explore how PipeProteq® can revolutionize your pipeline protection needs.