Making emissions reduction profitable

A higher demand for sustainability and reduction of carbon footprint need not cost more. In fact, it can pay off from a purely economic perspective.

Identifying and quantifying CO2 emissions helps reduce excessive energy usage and other inefficiencies. Lowering emissions typically goes hand in hand with increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in a company’s processes.

With Presserv, companies can preserve their assets with a significantly lower impact on the environment and at a lower cost. This is due to a prolonged usable lifespan along with minimal maintenance requirements and an application process requiring minimal effort compared to using traditional preservation methods.

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We offer by far the least labor intense, most environmentally friendly and most cost-effective protection systems in the corrosion protective market

Thomas Merenyi, Technical Manager of Presserv

Compared to the traditional methods with sandblasting according to Sa2,5 (ISO8501-1), profiling of steel and painting to prolong the assets lifespan, Stopaq® requires surface preparation according to St2 (ISO8501-1) and a decreased surface.

“From the operator’s perspective, STOPAQ® visco-elastic corrosion prevention solution represents safe operations. No noise and dust from garnet blasting and no VOC or allergies from epoxies,” Merenyi points out.

“After conducting several calculations together with our customers, projects using visco-elastic coatings often report 20-40% cost savings compared to traditional alternatives. The savings are mostly related to the vast reduction in non-value activities like scaffolding, tarpaulins, waiting time, hosing, masking, curing and clean-up,” Merenyi continues.

“Then add the environmental benefits and the company’s reduced carbon footprint, and we are talking great green changes. Compared to the traditional methods, preliminary measures from a client perspective have shown a reduction in the carbon footprint of 92-95% when using our eco-friendly visco-elastic solutions,” he concludes.

Would you like to learn more about preservation management, and how you can make things last with innovative, environmentally responsible visco-elastic corrosion protection technologies?

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Thomas Merenyi, Technical Manager of Presserv

Thomas Merenyi, Technical Manager of Presserv