How to reduce lifetime emissions by prolonging asset lifespan

“With visco-elastic coating, STOPAQ®, Presserv delivers the easiest and most environmentally friendly corrosion prevention system in the world for both offshore and onshore installations.”

Thomas Merenyi joined Presserv as Technical Manager in 2017. From years of experience in the industry he has brought valuable experience and knowledge on visco-elastic coatings.

Preserve Assets with Less Effort and Maintain Production Stability

Presserv offers a wide range of environmentally friendly visco-elastic solutions to protect assets from corrosion and water ingress. The applications for the product system range from onshore & offshore, field & factory applied to subsea and above ground in the most extreme climates.

“What makes a visco-elastic corrosion prevention system so great is that there is no need for any special equipment when applying the product. It is easily performed by hand, which is a good thing from a health, safety and environmental perspective. The alternative, blasting and painting, is an extremely demanding process when it comes to hazardous noise, dust, and vast environmental costs,” Merenyi explains.

STOPAQ® visco-elastic coating provides a lifespan that exceeds the traditional methods of corrosion protection.

“Traditional coatings make a sacrificial layer that requires regular reapplication, visco-elastic coatings will normally exceed the lifetime of the asset. As an added bonus, emissions, total costs and total carbon footprint are greatly reduced,” says Merenyi.

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Visco-elastic coatings will normally exceed the lifetime of the asset.

Thomas Merenyi, Technical Manager of Presserv

Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Maintenance Solutions

“STOPAQ® visco-elastic corrosion prevention solution is uniquely different from traditional options. The environmentally friendly technology has been developed and enhanced for more than 50 years. The products we use are widely known and well established for the purpose of easy and efficient maintenance,” Merenyi explains.

The structural integrity and operating efficiency of assets that produce and transport critical materials such as gas, water, oil, chemicals and petroleum products is central both to public safety and to the economy. Therefore, protecting vital infrastructure against rust and corrosion across several industries is essential.

While garnet blasting to prepare and profile the surface prior to painting is the traditional method, preparing for the use of our visco-elastic corrosion protection solution is much less intense. This process usually consists of a thorough cleaning with soap and water or degreasing the surface with isopropanol if needed.

Simplifying the Complexity of Asset Preservation

“Since 1996, Presserv has used environmentally friendly solutions for protecting and preserving our customer’s assets. We offer standardized as well as customized solutions for optimal protection,” Thomas Merenyi says.

The biggest benefit of STOPAQ® visco-elastic corrosion protection system is that it eliminates most of the problems presented when using other methods like traditional blasting and painting. By replacing epoxy and choosing a visco-elastic coating, our clients see a reduction in waste by 99% and carbon emissions by 92-95%.

Other benefits are:

  • Easy and safe to apply – no hazardous materials
  • Inert formulation, does not age or sacrifice
  • 100% impermeable to moisture and oxygen/gas
  • Self-healing properties if damaged

“STOPAQ® visco-elastic coatings have been tested by many international laboratories and oil and gas companies. A long track record and extensive reference list confirm that this is a proven technology. The corrosion protection level is extremely high, and when applied correctly the protection will lasts for decades”, Merenyi says.

Would you like to learn more about how you can make things last with innovative, environmentally responsible visco-elastic corrosion protection technologies?

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Thomas Merenyi, Technical Manager of Presserv

Thomas Merenyi, Technical Manager of Presserv