Blasting the myth:

– improve your profit margins by choosing a sustainable alternative

“Taking good care of your assets is a simple and effective way of reducing your company’s carbon footprint.”

Thomas Merenyi is the Technical Manager of Presserv, a leading specialist in the preservation and corrosion protection market since 1996.

Protect your assets with a sustainable and durable solution

Using traditional methods of corrosion protection like blast and paint usually requires more frequent regular maintenance intervals. Protecting your assets with STOPAQ® environmentally friendly visco-elastic corrosion prevention will protect assets for decades.

“We offer a wide range of environmentally friendly solutions to protect assets from corrosion and water ingress. The technology doesn’t involve big investments, the product has unlimited shelf-life and training sessions are executed in a day. Corrosion prevention specialists are amazed by the performance of our simple and fuss free solution”, Merenyi says.

As an added bonus, carbon emissions, total costs and total carbon footprint are greatly reduced. Making things last longer also makes customers profitable by reducing production downtime and the need for new investments.

No need for sandblasting

“STOPAQ® visco-elastic corrosion prevention system basically removes the need for tarpaulins and sandblasting as preparation for corrosion treatment, resulting in significantly reduced waste emissions,” says Merenyi.

He points out that the garnet sand used in traditional corrosion protection work is transported long distances on large bulk carriers before being used once and then disposed of, sometimes as hazardous waste.

“STOPAQ® products are built on a technology which eliminates all of this. Not only is the need for sandblasting reduced, but it is also eliminated entirely! No need for sand, masks or other protective equipment which means the carbon footprint is massively reduced. The same is true for costs, noise, labor some processes and massive pollution,” he points out.

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Presserv brings in a time saving solution which reduces many of the non-value activities

Thomas Merenyi, Technical Manager of Presserv

Some Major Benefits Compared to Blast and Paint

  • 95% reduction in waste and carbon footprint
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-hazardous
  • No exposure to harmful dust

“Presserv brings in a time saving solution which reduces many of the non-value activities. STOPAQ® visco-elastic corrosion prevention is an easier, more cost effective, life prolonging, safer and environmentally friendly solution”, concludes the Technical Manager of Presserv, Thomas Merenyi.

Would you like to learn more about preservation management, and how you can make things last with innovative, environmentally responsible visco-elastic corrosion protection technologies?

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Thomas Merenyi, Technical Manager of Presserv

Thomas Merenyi, Technical Manager of Presserv