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Stopaq® Repair Filler Stops Leaks Fast

Stopaq® Repair Filler is a unique, low-temperature and cold-applied malleable compound. It is intended for filling of static cracks, voids, joints, crevices and levelling of irregular surfaces to form a barrier against water ingress.

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Presserv Adds PipeProteq to Product Offering

Utilizing an ingenious push mechanism, PipeProteq® conforms to API 5CT specifications, excelling in rigorous vibration, impact, and saltwater spray tests. Rigorously tested for leakage both internally and externally, these protectors guarantee zero leaks, even on cut-off connections, ensuring resilient performance in diverse conditions.

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PipeProteq Pipe Protection Solutions

PipeProteq Pipe Protection Solutions Protect Your Pipes Efficiently and Sustainably Welcome to PipeProteq® – where efficiency meets innovation in safeguarding your pipes. These protectors are more than a shield; they are the quick, user friendly, secure, and comprehensive protection that your equipment deserves. Why PipeProteq® Stands Out Our protectors employ…

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Presserv Wins Sustainability Award

We take great pride in being recognized as the best among the Norvestor family of companies, a significant achievement within the portfolio of one of Northern Europe's largest private equity firms.

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