Presserv expands into Utilities and Construction with STOPAQ Leak Prevention Solutions

After decades of success using STOPAQ visco-elastic coatings for corrosion mitigation for above ground and below ground applications, including submerged and condensed pipelines, Presserv has expanded their UK business to provide leak prevention solutions for the utility and construction sectors.

Aquastop 2100, from the STOPAQ SealforLife range, is the preferred choice for specialist contractors throughout UK and Europe for sealing cable entries, ducts and pipe penetrations. Its ease of use, tolerance to running water and longevity makes it best in class.

Often the biggest problem preventing a leak from being sealed is finding a solution that can work in the adverse conditions generally found around areas of water ingress. Wet conditions and running water can prevent a lot of leak sealing systems from being considered for use.

Presserv now has two products, STOPAQ Aquastop 2100 and STOPAQ Repair Filler, that can be used in leak sealing applications.

Versatile Waterproofing Solution: STOPAQ Aquastop 2100

STOPAQ Aquastop 2100 is designed for sealing cable entries, pipe inlets and hollow spaces. It is a non-toxic, single component, water and gas tight, synthetic compound. There is no need for application of a primer, it does not cure and remains permanently flexible.

STOPAQ Aquastop 2100 can be used internally or externally in positive or negative side waterproofing applications, and it is equally effective being used as a repair product for existing leaking areas or as a permanent preventative waterproofing measure in new build applications.

Flexible Protection: STOPAQ Repair Filler in Action

STOPAQ Repair Filler is a unique, low-temperature, hand applied, permanently malleable sealing compound. It is intended for use in direct contact with water, in positive or negative hydrostatic pressure applications, for filling static cracks, voids, joints, crevices, and levelling of irregular surfaces in wet atmospheric or submerged situations to form a barrier against water ingress or egress.

STOPAQ: Seamless Surface Application for Concrete, Brick & More

Both STOPAQ Aquastop 2100 and STOPAQ Repair Filler require minimal surface preparation and will adhere to wet or dry surfaces including concrete, brick, plastics, metal and many others. Both products can be applied in running and even fast flowing water applications and both are also available in mouldable sausages for hand application in confined spaces where there is little room to manoeuvre and operate with installation tools.

Key Benefits of STOPAQ Products: Efficiency and Superior Performance

Both STOPAQ Aquastop 2100 and STOPAQ Repair Filler are quick to install and provide a highly cost-effective option to traditional options.

Other major benefits include –

  • Does not harden and has no pot-life limitations
  • Resists up to 1 bar [14.5 psi] of ground water pressure when appropriate system applied
  • Impermeable to water and gas
  • Safe to use. No physical, health or environmental hazards
  • Does not age
  • The sealing remains permanently flexible
  • Does not require special tools for application
  • No material waste, can be re-used
  • Immediate sealing – no curing time
  • Provides permanent seal
  • No vapours or fumes and no chemical reactions
  • Adjusts to slight movements of pipes & cables
  • Allows addition or removal of penetrations at any time

To learn more about STOPAQ Aquastop 2100 and STOPAQ Repair Filler, contact us through our website or by sending us an email at