Eliminate Downtime – Corrosion Control for Operational Pipework

This webinar explains why STOPAQ® is a first choice for our customers where a minimum standard of preparation is required prior to application of coating. We will discuss how STOPAQ® can be applied to damp, condensed and wet pipework, even below the waterline. We’ll look at the benefits in regard to speed of application and longevity of coating for both buried and above ground pipework.

This webinar was a held on July 4, 2023 as a part of our July Lunch and Learn Series.

What is STOPAQ®?

STOPAQ® – Visco-elastic Corrosion Prevention & Sealant Technology is broad range of innovative and patented products with unique, fluid-like properties. The STOPAQ® system can be put under insulation, on pipes, welds, and on structure. It eliminates water and oxygen intrusion and hence avoids contact with the steel surface, wherever water and air come from.
STOPAQ® systems protect against the ingress of water, oxygen and bacteria, and are the most environmentally friendly corrosion prevention systems in the world.

By applying STOPAQ® wrapping on your new-build asset or as a maintenance system, STOPAQ® will most likely surpass as protection system beyond the lifetime of the asset. The design lifetime is over 30 years.