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Products Inductosense Cost-effective monitoring of internal corrosion and erosion Inductosense designs and manufactures wireless ultrasonic sensor technology for accurate, cost-effective monitoring of internal corrosion and erosion in pipework and vessels. Introducing the WAND system: a 3-part solution that generates precise, repeatable wall thickness readings and enables accurate internal corrosion/erosion…

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Trusted Global Data Tracking Solutions

Products Trusted Global Data Tracking Solutions More data, more knowledge. Better data, better decisions. The most robust wireless IoT data recorders in the world. Data loggers made for industry. Simple, yet impressively advanced. Data tracking in construction and logistics. Monitor assets wherever they travel. Analyze, optimize and recover with…

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Presserv Partners with Trusted Global

Presserv is now partnering with Trusted Global, producer of the most robust wireless IoT data recorders in the world. Trusted tracking devices allow customers to monitor assets wherever they are globally.

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Presserv SES Gains ISO Certification

We are proud to announce that we have achieved ISO 9001 certification for our department in Brunei. This is a milestone in our organization and confirms our commitment to improve the high quality of our products and services.

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Presserv Marks World Corrosion Awareness Day 2023

To celebrate World Corrosion Awareness Day, we'd like to point you to a few of our favorite downloadable special reports, videos, blog posts and other resources in hopes that it will help broaden your understanding of the current state of the industry.

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Make uncomplicated surface protection feasible with STOPAQ

Make uncomplicated surface protection feasible with STOPAQ®

We could keep telling you about the ease of use and effectiveness when it comes to Stopaq, or we could simply show you with our friends from Vertikal Service AS.Having the ability to combine rope access and products from STOPAQ, makes surface protection uncomplicated which isn't always feasible with traditional methods.

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fogging with a poor boy

Video: Fogging with a Poor Boy Degasser

Watch us fog a poor boy degasser during a preservation project for a major client in Norway. We were able to use vapor phase corrosion inhibitor products from Cortec Corporation on this assignment and provided protection successfully on this asset.

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Infographic – VpCI® Applications: An Overview

VpCI® is Cortec Corporation’s unique brand of corrosion inhibitors come in many different forms and offer corrosion protection in many different systems and industries. Here is an overview of applications for VpCI® technology.

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