Reducing the environmental footprint for surface preparation and coating application in onshore and offshore assets

In case you missed last week’s ICorr Aberdeen meeting with Seal For Life Industries (makers of STOPAQ® visco elastic coating), PRESSERV and AMPP: Association for Materials Protection and Performance, you can view the webinar recording online via YouTube.


About the Talk:
Our industry is now accepting the need to find alternative technologies to reduce our waste and CO₂ emissions for steel preparation and coating application.

Presserv, and our partner STOPAQ, have looked at industry requirements and have developed a solution that addresses, waste reduction, the lowering of CO₂ and noise and thermal insulation properties, not previously considered in fabric maintenance and asset integrity solutions. Based on a compound containing non-crystalline, low-viscosity, non-crosslinked (fully amorphous), pure homopolymer Polyisobutene, we will discuss why this technology needs to considered as a viable option in an industry that requires straightforward maintenance solutions to difficult corrosion problems both onshore and offshore.

In this presentation, following an introduction to corrosion inhibition in acidic solutions, Dinko Cudic will discuss effort to reveal details of corrosion inhibitor-substrate interactions through detailed interface characterisation.

About the Speaker:
Dinko Cudic is the global authority for visco-elastic coatings and has held senior management positions in the Seal for Life Group who own STOPAQ for more than 15 years. Currently Technology Director at Seal for Life, Cudic is a regular presenter at technical conferences across the globe including AMPP and the Institute of Corrosion (ICorr).

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Stuart Rennie, Commercial Manager of Presserv UK

Stuart Rennie, Commercial Manager of Presserv UK