Reduce Your Operating Costs in Equipment and Spares Storage Facilities

Finding Opportunities to Reduce Costs by Adopting a Smart Preservation Program for Equipment and Spares

Equipment and spare parts are often stored in large, voluminous warehouses. These warehouses are required to be kept at around 15 – 18°C to avoid the damage caused by humidity and corrosion. In refrigerated and cold storage warehouses, up to 60% of the operating costs can be accounted to electrical use (courtesy: AKCP). According to some reports, energy consumption costs represent 15% of a non-refrigerated warehouse’s operating budget (courtesy: OUC).

With the current global energy prices continuing to rise exponentially, businesses looking to save money must consider humidity and corrosion protection as an energy cost reduction strategy in warehouses. Using innovative and creative solutions to reduce energy costs, is not only good for business, but good for the globe.

Increased corrosion control reduces costs

Many, if not most warehouses are heat and humidity controlled in order to keep corrosion at bay. It is possible to achieve even higher levels of corrosion control by implementing a VpCI-based preservation programme without any heating or at least by reducing heating dramatically.
Implementing a VpCI-based preservation programme also means that a lot of equipment can be moved to an external location, in the yard, to free up valuable internal storage space.


Environmental impacts to cost reduction

There are long term energy savings to be made by adopting a VpCI-based preservation programme. Governments are asking us all to cut back on energy use this winter, reduction in energy usage across your business will not only improve your profitability, but also help meet your ESG and Nett Zero objectives.

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