Biobased Green Solutions

Cortec®, a world leader in innovative, “green,” sustainable technologies, has spent decades of dedicated research to introduce an environmentally responsible range of BioCortec® corrosion control products.

BioCortec® is a green response to hazardous oil-derived corrosion preventatives and offers a variety of eco-efficient, compostable, and sustainable solutions.

Scientists around the world have been alerting us to the importance of replacing synthetic chemicals (among the major causes of pollution on the planet) with green alternatives enabled by technological innovations. Thanks to committed research, study, and experimentation, Presserv knows more than ever before about producing ecologically harmonious corrosion control solutions.

As technology advances, we continue to expand our unique eco-conscious offerings.
These products do not destroy the natural balance of the environment and in many cases are functionally superior to conventional petroleum derived products, thus presenting more responsible and practical solutions.

Featured Products:
• Films and Bags – commercially compostable films specifically designed to replace LDPE, LLDPE, and HDPE films.
• VpCI® Papers – multi-metal corrosion control packaging materials utilizing only the highest quality neutral/natural Kraft paper; fully recyclable options available.
• EcoEarth™ – corrosion protection for electronic and optical equipment and components.
• EcoAir® – an air powered aerosol replacement for traditional chemical propellants.
• EcoLine® – biobased greases and rust preventatives.
• BioPad® – a flexible device that contains biobased fibers and enables corrosion protection by emitting VpCI® molecules that adsorb onto metal surfaces.
• Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI®) – additives for concrete used to prevent corrosion of rebar; derived from biobased materials such as corn.

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