Lynx by Norserv

LYNX is a noise-reducing nozzle for sandblasting. A decibel level below 99dB means improved working conditions,  HSE and longer operator time, while the expected blast pressure is taken care of.


  • Pioneering noise attenuation – in measurements of pressure level at 4 – 7 bar, the decibel level is 95.1 – 98.6 dB.
  • Longer offshore operator time – can be used for up to six consecutive hours per shift
  • Optimized durability – with Tungsten Carbid as the core material, the service life will be close to double compared to similar nozzles.
  • Better HSE – volume level down to 95 dB reduces the noise load and thus the risk of noise damage, this is provided that the correct hearing protection is used.
  • Silent in the class – Up to 11 dB noise reduction, compared to competing products, this corresponds to 92 percent energy reduction generated by noise.