Presserv Partners with Inductosense

We’re very happy to announce that Presserv is partnering with Inductosense, designer and manufacturer of wireless ultrasonic sensor technology for accurate, cost-effective monitoring of internal corrosion and erosion in pipework and vessels.

Their patented WAND system consists of (i) thin, embeddable, battery-free sensors that are permanently installed on a structure (ii) a handheld or remote data collector and (iii) software for analysing and exporting the data.

The WAND system enables repeatable, accurate corrosion data to be cost-effectively acquired by anyone on an an asset or remotely.

We will now be able to help spread their innovative WAND technology to our clients. By bringing together Presserv’s industry-leading expertise in preservation and corrosion protection, and Inductosense’s innovative wall thickness monitoring technology, we can offer our customers unparalleled asset protection.