Presserv Inspires the Next Generation

Presserv UK was delighted to have been recently invited by Harbour Energy to host an educational training session to school leavers interested in a career in the energy industry. Presserv UK delivered two topics during this session, surface preparation and new coating technology for energy assets and infrastructure. Following the discussion of both topics, a practical session was held relating to STOPAQ coatings and pipework in the Presserv UK training facility.

“It is great to see a new generation of school leavers who are motivated and encouraged to develop a career in the energy sector. Whether it’s the growing renewables market or continuing to look at how new technologies can drive the oil & gas industry towards their sustainability and net zero targets”, said Stuart Rennie, Commercial Manager at Presserv UK.

Many Aberdeen based operators are currently working with local schools to give school leavers a chance to get insight into the various engineering and support structures needed to sustain and develop the energy industry in the northeast of Scotland.

“This is an excellent initiative and lets our future workforce get hands on experience with operators and the supply chain. It also gives individuals a preview of how exciting and rewarding a career in the energy industry can be,” Rennie continued.

Stuart Rennie, Commercial Manager of Presserv UK

Stuart Rennie, Commercial Manager of Presserv UK