Optimizing Spare Part Preservation

– sustainably and affordably

“Stored equipment will at some point be used again. It is at this point crucial that all components are available and in working order.”

Niklas Hermansson, CEO of the Presserv Group, explains how difficult it can be for businesses, both offshore and onshore, to keep track of their highly valuable stored spare parts and their condition.

Catastrophic Consequences

“We experience that the responsibility often shifts and communication fails with regards to who is managing the equipment in storage. Once it is needed for an operation, it is extremely costly to find out that some parts are missing and others have deteriorated,” Hermansson says.

Making sure your spare parts are properly stored, cleaned and well maintained will prolong lifespan and make maintenance work easier. Minimizing the risk for unwanted security incidents is an added benefit. One of the ways Presserv does this is by using vapor phase corrosion inhibitor products (VpCI®) to seal spare parts in order to prevent corrosion during storage.

VpCI® do not alter the properties of metal. Rather, they block the ability of oxygen, moisture, and other corrosive elements to attack the metal surface and make it rust. After the metal spare part is taken out of the VpCI® packaging or enclosed space, the VpCI® dissipate, and the metal components, machinery, or products are ready for immediate use, no or limited cleaning/degreasing required.

“Large companies are focusing on the importance of preventing incidents that can lead to an environmental disaster as a worst-case scenario”, says Hermansson.

The Presserv Group has been working with preservation and corrosion protection in a variety of industries since 1996.

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Our clients carry several million dollars’ worth of spare parts and inventory in warehouses and yards throughout the world.

Niklas Hermansson, CEO of the Presserv Group

Presserv’s Solution

The Presserv Group is a global leader in preservation services across the energy sector. They specialize in developing preservation programs for Greenfield and Brownfield projects across the globe. Preservation teams from the Presserv Group are deployed worldwide including preservation managers, preservation supervisors and technicians as well as mechanical and electrical discipline engineers.

“Our clients carry several million dollars’ worth of spare parts and inventory in warehouses and yards throughout the world. Utilizing the latest vapor corrosion technology in cooperation with our site teams, we deliver robust preservation programs to ensure spare parts and equipment remain corrosion free and fit for use.”

Hermansson explains how proud he is of how the company has been focused on replacing inefficient, environmentally unfriendly and hazardous processes with more sustainable solutions. High focus has been placed on material use, energy and carbon, employee health and safety and the impact of products and services.

“The need for spare part preservation is urgent not only from an economic perspective, but also in an environmental sense. Whether it’s equipment for oil and gas installations or in the renewable sector, taking care of what you have is far more sustainable than buying new,” the CEO states.

Presserv offers a system which gives a full overview of your stored equipment and the condition it is in. Presserv works closely with owners providing a complete summary of everything stored for the owners to monitor closely.

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The need for spare part preservation is urgent not only from an economic perspective, but also in an environmental sense.

Niklas Hermansson, CEO of the Presserv Group

Management and Logistics

“Our people can enter and become part of the customer’s projects to help ensure that all components and equipment delivered are in accordance with applicable legal, operational and other requirements. This is an essential part of corrosion protection and preservation management,” he says.

Spare part logistics is an equally important procedure to consider.

“When project parts are transported between countries, they need to be packed and preserved for travel, not just through time zones, but also through several climate zones. If this is not done the right way, the integrity of the spare parts can be negatively impacted,” Niklas Hermansson points out.

“We have always worked with sustainability in mind and offer green solutions as well as green products. This gives us an advantage in helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint,” says the proud CEO.

Market Demand

The use of anti-corrosion products will enable assets to remain functional and extend operational lifetime. If assets are not properly protected and maintained, the consequences can be catastrophic, resulting in substantial losses for owners. Loss of life due to accidents and other operational risks, is also part of the equation. By protecting metal from corroding, the risk of downtime is minimized.

Would you like to learn more about spare part preservation and how you can make things last with innovative, environmentally responsible VpCI® and MCI® corrosion control technologies?

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Niklas Hermansson, CEO of Presserv Group
Niklas Hermansson, CEO of Presserv Group