Make uncomplicated surface protection feasible with STOPAQ®

We could keep telling you about the ease of use and effectiveness when it comes to Stopaq, or we could simply show you with our friends from Vertikal Service AS. Having the ability to combine rope access and products from STOPAQ, makes surface protection uncomplicated which isn’t always feasible with traditional methods. Prolonged asset lifetime and reduced maintenance intervals are just two of the advantages with this technology. Eliminating grit blasting also improves the HSE impact massively.

Corrosion Prevention System Applied:
Piping – Stopaq CZ and Stopaq PVC Outerwrap
Structure and Clamps – Stopaq CZ paste, Stopaq EZ and Stopaq Topcoat

Watch this video and see the ease of use and effectiveness when it comes using STOPAQ®, especially when combined with rope access.

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