Maintaining operational readiness

– making things last

“Strategic asset management, correct storage and proper shipping procedures makes spare parts last longer and perform better.”

Niklas Hermansson is the CEO of the Presserv Group, a leading player in the preservation market since 1996. Presserv is based in Norway with offices covering Australia, Brazil, Benelux, UK and USA. In addition to working in the energy sector, Presserv offers solutions for marine, renewables, modular construction and other industries with their unique solutions.

Sustainable Storage

“Spare part preservation is not only sustainable in an economic sense by ensuring less depreciation in value, but equally important is the positive impact on the environment. It is expensive to purchase new, and it leaves a larger carbon footprint through the whole process from production to transport and delivery. Having a smart strategy for spare part preservation is also important in order to avoid unwanted downtime,” says Hermansson.

Corrosion protection and preservation are the backbone of the Presserv Group. The company has extensive experience and understands the complexity of the regulatory landscape.

“If assets are improperly stored and not looked after, its’ quality deteriorates,” says Hermansson.

The benefits of spare part preservation go far beyond just prolonging its lifespan. It will lessen the risk of downtime and increase operational efficiency. By preserving your spare parts you can not only prolong its lifecycle, but reap the added benefits of stability in production and reduced downtime.

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Having a smart strategy for spare part preservation is also important in order to avoid unwanted downtime

Niklas Hermansson, CEO of the Presserv Group

Maintaining Operational Readiness

“The challenges our customers experience are maintaining a full summary of their inventory and its condition,” Hermansson says. “It is of vital importance to our customers to be operationally prepared and rigged for new projects. In close collaboration with our customers, our team offers preservation management by preparing a full summary of everything stored and establishing a system for closely monitoring stored spare parts”.

Asset Stacking – Before and During Layup

Presserv ensures that your assets are correctly preserved before and during layup in order to reduce corrosion, enabling faster start-up. Most of Presserv’s methods can be applied at “in-use” operations, are easy to apply and do not require removal prior to use.

Would you like to learn more about spare part preservation and how you can make things last with innovative, environmentally responsible VpCI® and MCI® corrosion control technologies?

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Niklas Hermansson, CEO of Presserv Group
Niklas Hermansson, CEO of Presserv Group