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Assessments & Inspections

Services Assessments & Inspections Reduce cost and downtime of rig operations with Presserv. You can’t always get what you expect, but you will always get what you inspect. If you are concerned about downtime, proof of care, and how to prioritize material needs with budget cuts, Presserv’s preservation specialists…

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Preservation of Equipment and Spares

Services Preservation of Equipment and Spares Our preservation teams are deployed internationally and includes managers, preservation supervisors and technicians as well as mechanical and electrical discipline engineers. Our clients carry multi-million dollars of spares and inventory in warehouses and yards throughout the world. Utilising the latest vapour…

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Modular Construction & Major Projects

Services Modular Construction & Major Projects Our preservation experts understand the many possible risks along the route of approval to start a project to commission your site. Your project deserves someone who can keep track of the globalization of your equipment and dig into the details of each piece,…

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Strategic Preservation Management

Services Strategic Preservation Management Our personnel have widespread experience from preservation, corrosion protection and project management, the heart and soul of what we do. We offer a broad view of how preservation can impact your daily operations, your financial well-being, and your safety. We allow you to…

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