Are you ready to reduce your carbon footprint by up to 95%?

Our latest Sustainability Report details how preservation can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of your project or business. To read the Sustainability Report, it can be downloaded here or by visiting

Contributing to a more sustainable future through extending the lifetime of material values. At Presserv we live our vision – Making things last.

We are strongly committed to enable our clients within the energy, renewables and shipping industry to preserve material assets resulting in a significantly lower impact on nature – contributing to reducing the climate change. And the great thing is, it improves business as well.

Since the beginning in 1996, our well proven protection and corrosion solutions has a proven track record showing significantly increased business performance trough lowering costs and saving time for our clients.

Iron and steel production is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Between 7 and 9 percent of global CO2 emissions is related to the industry. From a climate-change perspective it is therefore of greatest importance to prolong the useful life of existing steel structures, i.e. ships, infrastructure or buildings, using solutions giving the least possible negative environmental impact. Presserv is in a unique position within what we do.

We are the preservation specialist who combines expert and project management expertise with a wide range of environmentally friendly protection and corrosion products and solutions. Delivered via one point of contact no matter where the operations are carried out. We provide consulting or complete projects, offering specialized and customized preservation. We work all over the world and can be onsite with our team or remotely manage the customer’s own personnel.

Extending the lifetime of material values is good for business, good for the globe.